Desire Ohm Boy X Squonker: tested and approved

OMG. I’ve been looking for an affordable dual battery squonker for a while, and when I visited the brand new Vapeshop Roosendaal store they showed me the Desire Ohm Boy X Squonker and I’ve been using it non-stop ever since. It’s an amazing device that combines a large, high quality squonk bottle with a solid material finish that means it can take a couple punches with no issues.

I’ve been vaping on the new and upcoming TAHU juice that that same store will be launching next week (preview coming!) and it’s such a smooth and enjoyable combo with my Druga RDA that I don’t think I’ll be switching back to my Vandy Vape Pulse any time soon.


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My favorite coils

I’ve been rambling on and on about what mods and liquids I like, but I haven’t really discussed my favorite coils I like to use on my Dead Rabbit. I never make my own coils, I’m way too lazy for that. I buy premade coils because they are really cheap these days and the quality is great.

I have used Demonkiller coils in the past, but I’ve never been a big fan. Then I started using Coilology coils and a whole new world opened up. They have Ni80 coils so they have a low ramp up time. That means you can build big coils and you don’t have to wait 2 seconds before you can actually vape.

I’ve bought a 7-in-1 kit. So there are 7 different coils and 6 coils each. 42 coils for a very low price (they were less than 20 dollars) .

Of all those coils, I like the Juggernaut coils the most. They are about 0,15 ohm and give a lot of flavor.

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Geekvape Aegis and Aegis Legend: The unbreakable mods

What I always love in a mod is that it’s durable. It should be able to handle a thing or two. I am a pretty clumsy person so I know my mods will fall from time to time, so the durability is actually pretty necessary for me.

The Geekvape Aegis would have been a good mod for me. It’s waterproof, dustproof and most of all: shockproof. The only thing holding me back was the single 26650 battery and the output of only 100 watt. Then I saw the Aegis Legend. The bigger, better brother of the Aegis. Using 2 18650 batteries and with an output of 200 watt, it’s way more to my liking. It’s just as durable as the little brother, only better and with more power.

If you’re a person like me, someone who tends to drop his stuff, I would highly recommend the Aegis Legend.

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Aspire Breeze 2 vs Vaporesso Nexus

Both Aspire and Vaporesso came out with a new kit recently. The Breeze 2 kit and the Nexus kit are both based on the original Aspire Breeze, but which one is better?

Aspire Breeze 2:

  • Size: 19x35x96mm
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Liquid capacity: 2/3ml
  • Materials: Aluminium Alloy and PEPG
  • U-Tech coil technology – 1ohm and 0.6ohm heads
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Indicator light

Vaporesso Nexus:

  • Size: 85.7x34x17.2
  • Tank capacity: 2ml (refillable)
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • Charging current: 1A
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Uses NX coil heads
  • Omni Board temperature control (not adjustable)
  • External on/off button
  • Battery capacity LED display

So the Breeze is a little bit bigger, but it has more battery capacity and liquid capacity. Both use their own new coils; where you can choose between 0,6 and 1,0 ohm with the Breeze and you’re “stuck” with the 1,0 ohm with the Nexus.
The Nexus looks a lot better in my opinion, but the Breeze 2 should be the better option.


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Uwell Nunchaku, not just a cool name

NunchakuI don’t have one myself, but I would love to have a Nunchaku Stick by Uwell. The name alone is cool, but the design is just magnificent. It’s honestly one of the better designed kits I’ve seen in a long time.
The spiral-like shape of the tank is wat intrigues me the most, it almost looks like art. I think Smok can learn a thing or 2 from Uwell. They come out with a new mod just about every week these days but they haven’t made anything that looks as good as this one.
The fact that you can adjust your power, is also a big advantage. If I were to compare it to Smok again, I think they should have started doing that a long time ago, since people want that extra bit of freedom.

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Do you even have SWAG, bruh?

I think you all know what device I’m talking about: the Vaporesso Swag kit. I’m not a big fan of the entre swag-culture, but I have to admit the name is pretty catchy and the device is pretty good.

It’s small, but can fire up to 80 watt and can be charged with a quick charge cable. The NRG SE that comes with it, isn’t bad either. It’s not on the same level as the Cleito tank by Aspire, but it’s still pretty good. All in all it’s a good competitor of the Smok AL85 or the Eleaf iStick Pico.

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Phil’s Setup

Today I was thinking: I can talk on and on about every liquid I vape, but there are a lot of things I consider when choosing a liquid to vape. Which nicotine? What kind of flavor? Is it fruity or sweet? Is it a coil killer? And so on.

That’s why I would like to give some information on the products I regularly use and which liquid I choose for that setup.

First of all I like to use both mouth to lung and direct lung.
For my mouth to lung setup, I always go for myBerserker Vandy Vape Berserker RTA. I love that the airflow hole can be as small as 0,8 mm. With my 0,8 ohm clapton coils on 15-25 watt it gives a really nice flavor. The only downsides I’ve experienced are that the coils really can’t be too big or it makes contact with the top cap and you have to wick it almost perfectly or it could leak. If you don’t mind the possible leaking, it’s a must-have RTA for mouth to lung vapers. I usually vape cookie flavors or custards on 12 mg nicotine for a nice throat hit. Today it’s C.R.E.A.M. VIII.
The mod I use for my Berserker is a Therion DNA250 mod. You would think it can go up to 250 watt, but it can “only” go to 167 watt. Since I only use it at 25 watt max, I really don’t care though. Battery life for daaaaays.

HEXASince my recent visit at Vaporshop Schelle, I’ve been using the new Hexa. I’ve already posted about it, so long story short: Love it, use it a lot in my car because it’s easy to use and easy to replace the pods.

I also have an Aspire Nautilus 2 I actually rarely use anymore. It’s a great mouth to lung tank with really good flavor but since I’ve bought the Berserker, it’s just laying somewhere in a box in my room waiting for me to use it again. It’s one of the tanks I would use when I’m going on a city trip for a couple of days and when there’s no easy way to rewick.
I tend to vape just about anything in it.

For when I’m the mood for massive clouds, I use one of my 2 direct lung setups: The Hellvape Dead Rabbit on my Lost Vape Drone or the Cleito 120 on my Wismec RX Gen 3.

Dead RabbitThe Dead Rabbit RDA is very easy to rebuild and even easier to wick. The flavor is immens and so are the clouds. I’m way too lazy to drip every time so I bought myself a Lost Vape Drone squonk mod. Just like the Therion, it has a DNA 250 chip but it can only go to 167 watt. I usually only go to 100-120 watt but when I’m feeling a bit frisky, I actually use it at its maximum. If you vape all day, the batteries won’t last though. Around 5 – 6 o’clock you have to change them. Besides that, I can’t really say anything bad about the mod nor the RDA.
I always vape fruity liquids in my Dead Rabbit on 3 mg nicotine. I’ve downgraded to 0mg nic for a while, but I started to miss the throat hit.

The Cleito 120 has always been my favorite tank. Flavor for days, coils last between 2 and 3 weeks and it’s really easy to use. When I’m on the road and want to vape direct lung, I always go for my Cleito 120 tank.Cleito 120
The RX Gen 3 is a perfect mod for that. I actually bought it just for the color (I fell in love with the green color) but it actually surprised me how good of a mod it is. 3 batteries make sure you can last an entire day, it’s still pretty small so you can put it away easily and you can go up to 300 watt. I’ve only ever done that once with another tank, but it’s always nice to have the possibility to go beast mode.
I like to use mentholated liquids in my Cleito 120, especially now that it’s almost summer. The freshness doesn’t give me a brain freeze and I have the possibility to vape Malaysian liquids.

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Banshee RDA by BORU VAPE

This Banshee RDA has to be one of my favorite RDA’s of the year. Not only does it have very simple but effective airflow, its ultem drip tip is probablyu the most enjoyable one I’ve had on any RDA ever.

The official site says:

Reviewers are calling this the “Best RDA of 2017” This RDA is designed to produce maximum flavour without sacrificing cloud production. The dual bottom airflow ensures this and the adjustable top cap means you can get that draw just right!

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s the BEST OF 2017 but still, it’s very much worth a buy at the attractive price point it’s at.

I myself bought the black but seeing the copper one I kinda feel like that may have been a mistake, good thing Boru Vape is now available all over the world.

This kit contains:
– 1x Boru Vape Banshee RDA
– 1x Spare parts
– 1x BF Pin
– 1x 510 Drip tip adapter
– 1x 510 Drip tip
– 1x Hex screwdriver

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HEXA Vapor: The Next Generation Pod System

While visiting Belgium last week I visited Vaporshop Schelle, the biggest vape shop in the country while driving from Antwerp to Brussels. First off: this store is absolutely amazing and probably the most awesome vapeshop I’ve ever seen. Great staff, passionate vapors and a huge selection of juice and hardware.

When I enquired about their pod system options they showed me HEXA, a Belgian product that is one of the most pretty pod systems I had ever seen. I bought one including some Hexa Pods (I bought Blueberry and Menthol) – and after trying it for a good week I’m completely hooked. The perfect stealth vape for a frequent traveller like myself.


I was explained the technology is something quite special, specifically the use of both Nicotine Salts and Freebase Nicotine and the FEELM ceramic coils that create a steady vapor production and deep, rich flavor.


I’ve contacted the producer of HEXA Vapor and they told me they are launching their product in the UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany and other European markets over the course of the next few months. Long story short: this could be the European JUUL-killer and I highly recommend giving it a go!

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