Furiosa Eggz, release the dragon!

The liquids I want to talk about, are the Furiosa Eggz. Just like Khaleesi, there are 3 dragon eggs, but these ones are called Ivy, Doom and Aria.

  • Furiosa Aria: A fresh liquid with an other-worldly mix of purple berries, grape and black menthol.
  • Furiosa Doom: An explosive liquid with a mix of redcurrant, strawberry and fizzy lemon.
  • Furiosa Ivy: A liquid with a mix of rhubarb, frozen green apple and cactus.

All 3 are nice and fruity liquids, but they each have their own specific flavor. The rhubarb in Ivy could sound a little weird, I think this is the first liquid with rhubarb I’ve seen, but I think it could be a delicious liquid.
The one I think I’ll like the most, would be the Aria. Not just because I’ve made a Game of Thrones pun and Arya is a character, but because of the berries and grape.

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My love for cocktails is growing thanks to Mixd With Passion

It has already been established: I love cocktails. Both regular cocktails and cocktail-flavored liquids. Now my love has only grown larger thanks to Mixd With Passion. It’s a pornstar martini cocktail and you can feel the passion of the brewers of this fine liquid. When you vape it, you just know they’ve tried and tried and tried until everything was just right. And that’s what I love about passionate brewers, they don’t just think “Meh, it’ll probably sell” . No, they kept on trying until they made this exquisite liquid.

If you like cocktails and specifically martini cocktails, this is one you must try!

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Horny Dear Tooth, surprisingly good

A friend of mine came to me and said he was vaping a toothpaste-flavored liquid. I couldn’t believe my ears, why on earth would you want that? He saw me looking weird at him and convinced me to have a try. I was baffled by the liquid, because it was actually a really tasty one. A soft mint-like inhale with a fresh exhale, like you just started eating a chewing gum.

I wouldn’t really categorize it as toothpaste, more like minty chewing gum, but I see why he would think it was toothpaste. I had a toothpaste that tasted like minty chewing gum as well and the flavors were very alike indeed.

Long story short: if you forgot to brush your teeth, just vape Dear Tooth and no-one will notice 😉 .

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