Furiosa Eggz, release the dragon!

The liquids I want to talk about, are the Furiosa Eggz. Just like Khaleesi, there are 3 dragon eggs, but these ones are called Ivy, Doom and Aria.

  • Furiosa Aria: A fresh liquid with an other-worldly mix of purple berries, grape and black menthol.
  • Furiosa Doom: An explosive liquid with a mix of redcurrant, strawberry and fizzy lemon.
  • Furiosa Ivy: A liquid with a mix of rhubarb, frozen green apple and cactus.

All 3 are nice and fruity liquids, but they each have their own specific flavor. The rhubarb in Ivy could sound a little weird, I think this is the first liquid with rhubarb I’ve seen, but I think it could be a delicious liquid.
The one I think I’ll like the most, would be the Aria. Not just because I’ve made a Game of Thrones pun and Arya is a character, but because of the berries and grape.

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