Craft Vapes: The Fruity Flavors that rule in Belgium!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have recently visited Belgium (one of the most exciting vape markets in Europe) and met up with the people at Vaporshop. Not only did I get to see their amazing location in Schelle, but I also bought some great juice from some of the top selling brands in Belgium. I also got to meet the people behind Craft Vapes, one of the (if not THE) top selling brand of premium E-Liquid in Belgium. They’re a Gilla brand and they have some of the most enjoyable fruit flavors I’ve ever tried. Their top 3 sellers in Belgium were all on my shopping list and I’ll gladly run you through the flavorprofiles.
Craft Vapes Tropical Breeze


This flavor has been the absolute best seller for Vaporshop when it comes to fresh fruits. It’s a delicious combination of Papaya, Pineapple, Mango and a very refined touch of menthol freshness. I have to say the menthol is only just a little bit there in the background and it’s highly complimenting the Papaya. I get why this juice is so extremely popular.


The number two flavor is also a little fresh. It’s a deep and developed berry flavor with a touch of menthol. It’s sweet, but does not use a lot of sweetener so at the same time it’s extremely easy on the coils. Another true winner for summer!


No menthol in Crisp Kiwi, but a beautiful combination of tropical kiwis and sweet garden strawberries. It kind of tastes like a kiwi-strawberry lemonade, and it’s very, very tasty!

craft vapes e-liquid collection

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