The Twelve Monkeys Lemur tastes great!

Today is the day!

I’ve finally tried the new Twelve Monkeys Lemur. It’s the first one I’ve tried of their new Origins line and I love it.

The site says it’s a combination of lemon and lime and it’s gently cooled. They didn’t lie. I was a bit afraid there was too much koolada in it but it’s as gentle as advertised. A bit of a fresher exhale without the entire “toothpaste effect” I’ve experienced in Malaysian liquids. You know what I mean, where you can still feel the freshness after 10 minutes of vaping a liquid.

The lime and lemon mix makes me think of a Caipirinha cocktail, and I love cocktails. The conditions were perfect as well: I was sitting outside on a bench in a park with the sun shining and a light breeze. If I closed my eyes, I didn’t need a lot of imagination to picture myself on the tropical beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

I hope the other Origins will taste just as great, because I have high expectations!

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