There are new Twelve Monkey’s liquids!

Twelve Monkey’s came our with 2 brand new liquids and 3 updated liquids. The new limited liquid line is called Ice Age, so you know there is some koolada involved.

  • Hakuna Iced: The well-known mix of apples with cranberries, but with a chilled exhale.
  • Matata Iced: The overwhelming flavor of apples and an ice cold exhale of grapes.
  • Kanzi Iced: The famous blend of strawberry, watermelon and kiwi, but now on ice.
  • Nikko Iced: A fresh lemonade with watermelons and some crushed ice.
  • Sabae Iced: A vibrant sorbet with zingy notes of raspberry, lime and a hint of pineapple.

I haven’t tasted them yet, but I’m eager to try the famous Hakuna/Matata combination, but now with extra cooling for the warm summer.

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The Twelve Monkeys Lemur tastes great!

Today is the day!

I’ve finally tried the new Twelve Monkeys Lemur. It’s the first one I’ve tried of their new Origins line and I love it.

The site says it’s a combination of lemon and lime and it’s gently cooled. They didn’t lie. I was a bit afraid there was too much koolada in it but it’s as gentle as advertised. A bit of a fresher exhale without the entire “toothpaste effect” I’ve experienced in Malaysian liquids. You know what I mean, where you can still feel the freshness after 10 minutes of vaping a liquid.

The lime and lemon mix makes me think of a Caipirinha cocktail, and I love cocktails. The conditions were perfect as well: I was sitting outside on a bench in a park with the sun shining and a light breeze. If I closed my eyes, I didn’t need a lot of imagination to picture myself on the tropical beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

I hope the other Origins will taste just as great, because I have high expectations!

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Some Twelve Monkeys Origins photos!

Hi guys – lots of updates today, I know! As a quick in-between I’m adding some photos of the brand new Twelve Monkeys origins liquids. I haven’t tried them yet, but obviously Twelve Monkeys coming out with a new brand was enough of a reason for me to post something about it anyway.

Expect more when I’ve had a chance to vape them all!


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Twelve Monkeys Hakuna E-Liquid

hakuna twelve monkeysOkay, since I live in Canada, I obviously vape quite a bit of Twelve Monkeys e-liquid – and their latest flavor HAKUNA has been quite the hit here in Toronto. I’ve been lucky enough to try it before it came out and actually got quite a couple friends hooked.

What makes Hakuna so special? Not only is it an amazing mix of sweet and sour apples, when combined with the original Twelve Monkeys Matata flavor you get what they call “HAKUNA MATATA”, a delicious grape and apple mix that is hard to beat!

I don’t have to get you a list of local retailers wherever you are since Twelve Monkeys is obviously available almost everywhere in the world – but if your local store doesn’t have it yet – make sure to send them to an official Twelve Monkeys distributor near you!

Check out Twelve Monkeys on Facebook and while you’re there don’t hesitate to give this site a Like too!


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