Tea E-Liquids done right: Oriental Vape C°

Have you ever tried a tea-flavored e-liquid? No? You’re missing out! Tea actually tastes great as an all day vape due to its often very mellow and non-aggressive flavorings…

I recently tried Oriental Vape Co’s Tea-line in shake&vape format, and I have to say I loved the juice a lot.

Specifically the Green Jasmine Dragon green tea flavored variety was amazing and an excellent all-day-vape for people looking for something smooth.

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Tahu E-Liquids: #AMAZEBALLS

As I already mentioned in my previous post about the Desire Ohm Boy X Squonker, I recently visited a new vape shop in The Netherlands – and was shown some samples of the up and coming new e-liquid brand TAHU.

I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t immediatly asked them to send me samples, and today, they have arrived – about a week before the actual launch of this new European brand. I went straight into testing mode to get you the first ever review of this new juice line.

Below I’ve listed my 3 favorites from the Tahu brand:

  1. TAHU 10 / Mandarin, Orange, Grapefruit & Lime: a delicious citrus palate that has a nice lime finish. Excellent slightly sour citrus vape!
  2. TAHU 07 / Cucumber, Lemon, Mint & Rose: something totally different from anything I’ve ever vaped. Has a gin&tonic feel to it. Extraordinarily good!
  3. TAHU 09 / Apple, Pear & Pomegranate: a juicy apple flavor that adds slight hints of pear and pomegranate. A true all day vape in my opinion!

Obviously, these are my personal favorites – and the quality of the products means all were very enjoyable. I can’t thank VS The Netherlands enough for the chance to review these!

As a little extra: these will soon also be available as Nic Salt e-liquids!

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Hula Hula Beach Bar E-Liquids Launch in Europe

Great news for the lovers of Hawaiian flavors! Belgian E-Liquid manufacturer Real Liquid is proud to announce HULA HULA BEACH BAR E-Liquids are now available through their French distributor EliquidsVIP.com.

The first 3 flavors they launched are 3 limited editions that will surely get anyone with a sweet tooth excited: Sweet Mango Lemonade, Sweet Peach Slushie and Sweet Melon Blueberry Punch are all tropical & sweet juices that will have a broad appeal in today’s market. I tried all 3 and I can only say good things about these flavors!

In a few weeks, we’re expecting their version of the infamous Hawaiian Pog E-Liquid as well.

I for one cannot wait to try that one too!

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There are new Twelve Monkey’s liquids!

Twelve Monkey’s came our with 2 brand new liquids and 3 updated liquids. The new limited liquid line is called Ice Age, so you know there is some koolada involved.

  • Hakuna Iced: The well-known mix of apples with cranberries, but with a chilled exhale.
  • Matata Iced: The overwhelming flavor of apples and an ice cold exhale of grapes.
  • Kanzi Iced: The famous blend of strawberry, watermelon and kiwi, but now on ice.
  • Nikko Iced: A fresh lemonade with watermelons and some crushed ice.
  • Sabae Iced: A vibrant sorbet with zingy notes of raspberry, lime and a hint of pineapple.

I haven’t tasted them yet, but I’m eager to try the famous Hakuna/Matata combination, but now with extra cooling for the warm summer.

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Marmalade, a fruity and sweet sensation

In today’s spotlight: Marmalade E-Liquid. It’s fruity, it’s sweet, it’s some good liquid.

Marmalade has 3 liquids, and they’re all pretty much the same: a fruity marmalade flavor, who would have guessed? They have an orange, apricot and blackberry flavor and they’re named Orange, Apricot and Blackberry. It can’t get much simpeler. Long live the person who came up with simple names instead of random mashing on the keyboard like most volcano names.

Anyway, getting back on topic: I’ve tried the Orange and was pleasantly surprised by the pure flavor, I could easily guess which flavor it was, something I can’t really do with most of the blends I try. They taste a bit like the actual fruit, but this was spot on!

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My love for cocktails is growing thanks to Mixd With Passion

It has already been established: I love cocktails. Both regular cocktails and cocktail-flavored liquids. Now my love has only grown larger thanks to Mixd With Passion. It’s a pornstar martini cocktail and you can feel the passion of the brewers of this fine liquid. When you vape it, you just know they’ve tried and tried and tried until everything was just right. And that’s what I love about passionate brewers, they don’t just think “Meh, it’ll probably sell” . No, they kept on trying until they made this exquisite liquid.

If you like cocktails and specifically martini cocktails, this is one you must try!

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Craft Vapes: The Fruity Flavors that rule in Belgium!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have recently visited Belgium (one of the most exciting vape markets in Europe) and met up with the people at Vaporshop. Not only did I get to see their amazing location in Schelle, but I also bought some great juice from some of the top selling brands in Belgium. I also got to meet the people behind Craft Vapes, one of the (if not THE) top selling brand of premium E-Liquid in Belgium. They’re a Gilla brand and they have some of the most enjoyable fruit flavors I’ve ever tried. Their top 3 sellers in Belgium were all on my shopping list and I’ll gladly run you through the flavorprofiles.
Craft Vapes Tropical Breeze


This flavor has been the absolute best seller for Vaporshop when it comes to fresh fruits. It’s a delicious combination of Papaya, Pineapple, Mango and a very refined touch of menthol freshness. I have to say the menthol is only just a little bit there in the background and it’s highly complimenting the Papaya. I get why this juice is so extremely popular.


The number two flavor is also a little fresh. It’s a deep and developed berry flavor with a touch of menthol. It’s sweet, but does not use a lot of sweetener so at the same time it’s extremely easy on the coils. Another true winner for summer!


No menthol in Crisp Kiwi, but a beautiful combination of tropical kiwis and sweet garden strawberries. It kind of tastes like a kiwi-strawberry lemonade, and it’s very, very tasty!

craft vapes e-liquid collection

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Nektar by Pack à l’ô, a great liquid for the summer!

Do you know the feeling when you’re walking outside in the warm sun at like, 11 am and you’re thinking to yourself: I would kill for a good cocktail right now, but what self-respecting bar is open at 11 am serving cocktails?
Well I have to admit I have that feeling way too often. I love cocktails (which has already been established in my blog about Lemur) and I love them any time of the day. Knowing it’s a little bit too awkward to start drinking before noon, I started seeking out some cocktail-like liquids.

Pack à l’ô gave me exactly what I was looking for. They’re not all real cocktails, some of them can be described better as juice boxes, but I really like them. The one that really stood out for me, was Nektar. A fresh lemonade of oranges and apricots with just a teeny bit freshness to cool you down. It was sweeter than I expected, but that was more than alright for me.

I highly recommend it if you like fruity liquids with a summery feeling.

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The Twelve Monkeys Lemur tastes great!

Today is the day!

I’ve finally tried the new Twelve Monkeys Lemur. It’s the first one I’ve tried of their new Origins line and I love it.

The site says it’s a combination of lemon and lime and it’s gently cooled. They didn’t lie. I was a bit afraid there was too much koolada in it but it’s as gentle as advertised. A bit of a fresher exhale without the entire “toothpaste effect” I’ve experienced in Malaysian liquids. You know what I mean, where you can still feel the freshness after 10 minutes of vaping a liquid.

The lime and lemon mix makes me think of a Caipirinha cocktail, and I love cocktails. The conditions were perfect as well: I was sitting outside on a bench in a park with the sun shining and a light breeze. If I closed my eyes, I didn’t need a lot of imagination to picture myself on the tropical beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

I hope the other Origins will taste just as great, because I have high expectations!

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Visit BURST E-Liquid at The Hall of Vape in Stuttgart!

Are you in Stuttgart this weekend for the Hall of Vape event? Good for you! It’s one of the most exciting vape events of the year and some of the most prominent American e-liquid brands will also be there to show off their juice and their marketing efforts.

One of the most exciting US brands to visit is surely BURST. It’s extremely popular in the US and I’ve personally met them at American vape shows before / but with their new European focus they are bringing both their main range (with my favorite Straw-Burst) and their DUO line into Europe through these shows.

Pay them a visit, try out their excellent juice, and say Hi from me!


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